Performing Arts Learning and Teaching Exchange ☆

| November 21, 2012

Facilitators: William Bauer and Michael Joviala

What is it?

Something like a jam session for teachers, this gathering will involve us in a dynamic interactive learning process. From this process emerges a lesson, collectively developed.

What will we do?

In the course of the gathering, while playing with the raw materials of our arts, we’ll explore the specific twists and turns a lesson may (or may not) take as it unfolds, as each of us guides its evolution, developing his or her ideas and those of the other participants.

Who are we?

A gathering of performing artists—actors, directors, dancers, choreographers, musicians, composers, improvisers, storytellers—who teach. As teachers who perform, we’re all searching for ways to deepen our teaching practice by investing it with the expressive force of our art. We yearn to engage our students and enliven our interactions with them by realizing the aesthetic potential of our teaching practice. We look to catalyze dynamic interactive learning processes among the participants of our workshops, classes, lessons.

Who are the facilitators?

William Bauer and Michael Joviala are both musicians and educators with background in Dalcroze Eurhythmics. Full bio’s appear below.

In pursuit of these goals, these and other questions compel us:

  • How can we design dynamic interactive learning processes so participants experience the arts as a pathway for learning—as a learning practice?
  • How do we design dynamic interactive learning processes so they empower participants to bring their lived experience to bear on their growth as artists?
  • How do we shape art’s raw materials so they make vivid sensory impressions?
  • What can we do to encourage participants to act more effectively, more immediately, more spontaneously, on their sensory impressions?
  • How can mastery of rhythm intensify our command over the dimensions of time, space, and energy, through which our actions as artists must flow?
  • From the wide array of emerging possibilities that present themselves in real time during such a dynamic interactive learning process, which ones do I pursue?